Cyber Security Expert Interviews

From the dark web to your radio dial — a weekly discussion on internet & computer security with your host, Bret Piatt.

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Bret Piatt


Bret leads Jungle Disk as the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. Prior to Jungle Disk, he led a 300 person SaaS business unit for Rackspace serving over 75,000 small businesses. Before that he had the opportunity to lead the AT&T Managed Premises Firewall business, help create OpenStack, and lead several successful acquisitions on the Corporate Development team at Rackspace. Outside of the office Bret enjoys a good meal, live music, and spending time with his large family. He is also active helping transform San Antonio into a technology leader through community involvement with TechBloc, the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, and other outreach activities.


James Woodard


James Woodard is a musician, part-time artist, and general all-around nerd. He is obsessed with old, outdated media formats like VHS, LaserDisc, vinyl LPs and audio casette tapes. He is also an avid retro gamer, having restored and brought back to life multiple arcade cabinets from the 80's and 90's. Before his role at Jungle Disk as a Data Security Specialist, James was a high school teacher, teaching English, Art, Photography, and other associated subjects.

Juan Diaz


Juan Diaz rocks as a Data Security Specialist for Jungle Disk. He is also a freelance audio engineer and an overall sci-fi fan.